Day 2 of the NNC

A full day of speeches, campaigning, and fun took place on Day 2 of the Norman National Convention. The morning kicked off with a special appearance from Ned Yost of the World Series Champion Royals. He was clearly a favorite with the hometown crowd.

The Army Soldier Delegation stayed firmly at attention throughout the day., hoisting signs and providing general protection...perhaps in an effort to gain recognition for future secret service positions.

The various delegations also enjoyed their time in the spotlight as Yoda gave an exclusive look at the NNC attendees.

But perhaps the biggest draw of the day has been the highly anticipated evening performance by musical guest Sir Mix-a-Bot. A robot himself, Sir Mix-a-Bot has frequently--and quite publicly--stated Norman has his full support. His performance of "Botty Got Cap" will easily be one of the more memorable moments of the entire convention.

Stay tuned for the final day of the NNC, as tomorrow the Vice President Nominee is revealed and we hear from Norman himself.