I’ve been in business as an artist since 2008, experimenting in a variety of mediums (starting with smashing plates and making mosaics, then breaking clocks and making Steampunk jewelry, while also sprinkling in a slew of reassembled robots). I originally named myself Remnants by RJ because I’m Rebecca Jackson, and because throughout all my phases of art, I’ve been working with castoff materials, aka, remnants. It didn’t take long for me to grow tired of making mosaics and jewelry, but bringing robots to life never fails to bring me joy. Everywhere I look, I see bots waiting to be reunited with heads, appendages, and bodies. It has become my mission to rescue these parts, reassemble them, and release completed robots into the world again.

Isn’t it about time to celebrate that passion?

Goodbye, Remnants by RJ. Hello, The Bot Connection!

So why the new name? Because, when you think about it, my bots are all about making connections. The vintage and secondhand items I use are connections to the past—they’re reminders of that favorite canister your grandmother had, as well as reminders that we can reuse and redefine what others simply throw away. Plus, each bot makes a connection to the people who see them. Not only do they have a name, they have a story and a personality to go with it.

That imagination is what sets The Bot Connection apart. I create characters. I take away the stiff, mechanical view of robots and reprogram my bots with whimsy and personality.

Welcome to the new world, and get ready to connect with a bot that’s waiting just for you!

Visit www.thebotconnection.etsy.com to see current adoptable robots, and follow me on Facebook and Instagram as @TheBotConnection.

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