Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What inspires you and how are you different from other artists?

A: I am inspired by re-imagining regular objects as robots. I don't see teapots and oil cans--I see heads and bodies waiting for appendages. My creations are not sleek, futuristic tech bots, nor are they industrial assemblages. I take discarded bits of every day life--outmoded, outdated, or just plain unwanted--and allow them to find their way to a new reality through trial and error assimilations. I assemble a robot with a name and a story. Dare I say, a personality?

Besides my commitment to creating characters, my art is also about sustainability. As a society, we are obsessed with the next bigger, better thing. So what happens to the remnants of yesterday? They end up in landfills or sitting on shelves in a thrift store.

I believe those old-fashioned, forgotten materials can still have purpose.  Incorporating primarily recycled material into my work is not only a commentary on the never-ending race to the future, but it is also a challenge to rethink the familiar and spark imagination. Together, we can rediscover the ordinary and see the personality within.

Q: Where can I purchase these fine pieces of art for me to have and to hold til death do us part?

A: You can check out my Etsy site, contact me, or follow me on social media to find out where my next show is. You can also adopt robots at Flying Pig Local Mercantile in the Crossroads District of Kansas City or at Footprints in Lawrence, KS.

Q: How do you decide your prices?

A: Bringing a robot to life obviously requires the purchase of rescued materials (some more rare than others), but it also takes time to create these robot characters. The time and imagination it takes to make them come out "just right" is factored into the price. You are buying a one-of-a-kind piece of art. I never make two robots exactly the same. Just ask them.

Q: I have this really cool [tin, camera, bucket of bolts, etc.]; could you make something with it?

A: Whenever possible, I enjoy collaborating with my customers to create a personalized work of art for them. Prices for commissioned work varies based on materials and labor. Check out the Commissions page to read more about the process. (And if you want to donate a big box of scrap metal to the cause, I am totally open to that, too. I may or may not be a metal hoarder.)

Q: Why do I need a robot?

A: There are so many reasons I could give you, but perhaps this video about the Robot Rescue Coalition will give you a little insight into your purchase.