As a new election approaches, we hear so much about "change." But let's be honest, simply substituting one person for another (no matter how different they claim to be) isn't the kind of change we need. It's time for America to make an entirely different choice.

It's time for NORMAN, the right robot at the right time.

In this over-saturated political environment, NORMAN is the only candidate who is focused on recycling materials, not ideas. Seriously, how many times can we hear the same rhetoric spewed at us in slightly different words? And how much longer are we going to sit back and watch another human enact little to no change?

NORMAN is no mere human. However, he does believe that humans, like recycled robots, are endowed with certain unalienable rights, like Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Appendages. And he will fight for those rights.

Isn't it time we focus on doing something meaningful in this world? Let us stop arguing about irrelevant details and perpetuating a venomous political environment. Instead, let us start infecting each other with imagination and kindness. Together, we can change the world.


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